First Day in Brisbane!

Day 4:

We begun our first full day in Brisbane by stopping by a little coffee shop called Stellarosa. The coffee in this shop was absolutely amazing!

On our way to breakfast, we stumbled upon a little piece of home.

We did some quick grocery shopping and headed back to our hostel.

Check out all that Vegemite!

We had about a two hour break until our study abroad orientation meeting. I thought that would give me plenty of time to shower, but as soon as I hopped in I heard my roommates holler that it was time to go. I freaked out because there was no way that two hours has already passed, and I was right. There had been a scheduling mistake, so I hurried out of the shower and showed up to the meeting right on time. Turns out I wasn’t the only one with soaking hair. Others had made the same mistake.

At the meeting, we tried TimTams for the first time. They were the new pina colada flavor, and boy, were they delicious. I plan on dumping everything out of my suitcase and filling it with 55 pounds of TimTams.

After our meeting, we tried to go to an underground restaurant we found on Yelp! called Verve. When we arrived we found that a lot of other people had the same idea. The wait was over an hour, so we decided to just grab a slice of pizza from Olive Garden across the street.

Now before you get too excited, let me tell you that this was not the same restaurant with to-die-for unlimited breadsticks. No, no. This was a Turkish “take-away” shop that sold coffee, pizza, and kebobs. I got a slice of Hawaiian pizza that appeared to have been sitting out all day. I’m also not entirely sure if it was actually ham that was on the pizza. Don’t worry though, none of us got sick and that was the only meal I’ve had down under that wasn’t one of the best of my life.

After finishing our “delicious” pizza, we went home and got ready to spend a night out. We asked around and the locals said that the best place for nightlife was Fortitude Valley, which is nicknamed “the Valley.”

Let me tell you, they were right. Never have I seen so many entertaining things in such a short amount of time. We saw a lady stand up through the roof of her cab and flash the world as well as a bar fight all within five minutes. That was just the beginning.

If you ever find yourself in Brisbane, I would highly suggest visiting the Valley. It is similar to 6th Street, except for there’s a $20 cover at basically ever bar, they play lots of 80s throwbacks, and the people are wild. It’s definitely an experience.

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