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You know what they say about Mondays, and this past Monday made all other Mondays feel easy as Sunday morning (bonus points if you sang that last phrase in your head). No, it wasn't because of class. I somehow managed to have a schedule this semester that lets me sleep in on Monday mornings. I volunteered to help produce a segment for my television show, 'Sneak Peek,' about the new Lionsgate film, 'Gods of Egypt.' We were contacted by Fons PR to collaborate with Prototype, a vintage design shop on South Congress, to create a segment about modern Egyptian fashion to promote the film. If you're from Austin or even if you're just one of the tourist type who come to enjoy the SXSW scene, you know how miserable it is to find parking downtown, especially on South Congress. Let's just say I haven't exactly mastered the back-in angle parking quite yet. I eventually found parking in a neighborhood about a five minute walk away. Although I feared the potential of getting towed, I decided to take the risk and just head to the shop. However, I somehow managed to get myself so turned around that I ended up on the wrong end of South Congress (not to mention completely lost). "No problem," I thought to myself. "I'll just pull out my phone and check where I am on Google Maps." I completely forgot that I was phoneless thanks to my recent clumsiness and a resulting shattered screen. I ended up running up and down South Congress trying to find the store, immediately regretting my decision to wear leggings and a sweater. It was about 70 degrees outside at the time, but when I got dressed that morning it was in the 50s. Curse this Texas weather. After having a panic attack, getting followed by a stranger, and running down a back alley (probably not one of my finest decisions), I finally stumbled upon Prototype. What happened next produced the video below:

I learned a lot from this terrible thirty minute period: 1. Expect the unexpected: this can be anything from the Texas weather to life just plain not going as planned. If you persevere and work your hardest, you can survive anything (yes, even pit stains). 2. Run after your dreams. And yes, I mean sometimes literally. While I was running to make it to the interview on time, my sense of panic showed me how much I truly cared about the work that I was about to do. It's a feeling that everyone should experience: appreciation of the life that you are living and the work that your hands will leave behind. At the end of your days, you'll wish you had made that extra run, taken that extra leap of faith. You never know the difference it'll make.

Here's to better Mondays and more lessons learned!




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