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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2′ (2015) Movie Review

Jillian Malone November 2015


The highly anticipated finale of the blockbuster series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, is now released, driving the masses to their local theaters and ruining any chance you have for the next week at seeing the movie, unless you bought tickets way in advance. Don’t act surprised or say I didn’t warn you if you start seeing a ton of teenage girls rocking Katniss-inspired braids and arguing why everyone should be Team Gale or Team Peeta in the very near future. This movie’s release has been causing chaos similar to that in the movie, and it is well deserved. After a more than disappointing part one, part two finally supplies the audience with the action and intensity it deserves.


‘Bridge of Spies’ (2015) Movie Review

Jillian Malone October 2015


Hey Sneak Peekers! Jillian Malone here to give you some top secret information on Steven Spielberg’s newest movie, Bridge of Spies, starring none other than the beloved Tom Hanks.


Welcome to the real life story of James B. Donovan, an insurance lawyer forced to take on the criminal defense of an alleged Cold War era Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel, well played by Mark Rylance. Abel is an easy-going, talented artist who will undoubtedly be convicted of the charge pressed against him, but stays calm in the face of danger. Donovan takes on the impossible task of defending the country’s most hated man, and in doing so becomes the second most hated in red scare America. He quickly grows to see the good in Abel and realizes that he is not a traitor, but simply a man sent to do a job for the good of his own country.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2′ (2015) Movie Review

Jillian Malone September 2015


With Hotel Transylvania 2′s release date this upcoming weekend, children everywhere are begging their parents to wake up early Saturday morning to beat the crowds of other anxious kids eager to see the movie that will likely inspire their lunch conversations and Halloween costume choices this year. Don’t sell this movie out for being just another old kiddy movie, there’s something for everyone. Yes, even college students like myself will fall wickedly in love with this storyline. While you may be the oldest in the theater without a child of your own by about ten years, let me tell you, it is worth the awkward glances. I might have felt weird at first being the only one not snacking on a ridiculously overpriced kids’ pack of mini popcorn and a teeny fountain drink that I could finish in one gulp, but I quickly forgot that I was not a part of this movie’s intended audience as the opening scene quickly stole my attention.


‘Pixels’ (2015) Movie Review

Jillian Malone and Jewel Sharp July 2015


If I am being honest, I went into the theater to see Pixels with low expectations. However, I was secretly intrigued by the idea of video games coming to life to destroy the world, like in that one episode of Futuramawhere the world was under siege by a life sized Pac Man attacking the city. So, a complete feature length film about defeating a killer Donkey Kong and Galaga spaceships was a somewhat entertaining premise to say the least. However, the first scene of Pixels starts out with kid versions of Adam Sandler’s character, Brenner, and Kevin James character, Cooper, who are arcade obsessed boys who possess incredibly above average video game skills. Not only were they already completely uninteresting stereotypes of adolescent boys, they had no real character development.