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19 Stages Of The End Of The Semester Told By Rachel Green

Jillian Malone April 2016


It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Summer is so close that you can taste it, but you've got to survive through a couple of weeks of pure hell before you can go "on a break." No one knows breaks and breakdowns better than Rachel. You can totally relate to her right now.

17 Hannah Montana Songs You Need To Listen To Today

Jillian Malone April 2016


Let's take a trip down memory lane to a time before the VMA performance that would make the world momentarily stop turning happened, back to the days before the twerking, the infamous buns, and the stealing of the heart of our future husband Liam Hemsworth. I'm talking back to the era of Hannah Montana, our middle school hero who inspired us to live a double life and wear sparkly shrugs as much as possible. Commemorate your golden days of pink Motorola Razrs and Club Penguin addiction by listening to these classic jams for the millionth time because you know, "Hannah Montana Forever."

How Jake Gyllenhaal Taught Me An Important Lesson

Jillian Malone April 2016


I got to interview Jake Gyllenhaal.


I was ecstatic, completely over the moon. The only trick was that I was only allowed to ask him one question.


"One question?" I thought to myself. What would you do if you had done hours of prep work, fantasized about how the conversation would flow, and overthought every word you were going to say just to find out from his publicist seconds before you met that you could only ask him one question.


What question would you ask?

There's An All-You-Can-Eat Taco Party Happening And You Need To Be There

Jillian Malone March 2016


If you consider yourself a Texan, whether by birth or by getting here as soon as you could, then you already know that a Texan's diet consists of three main food groups: queso, BBQ and of course, tacos. I’m sure you’ve eaten copious amounts of tacos in your time. Just because they are called breakfast tacos does not mean you can only eat them for breakfast. They are a breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack kind of food. They are an all-the-time kind of food. Now how would you feel about unlimited breakfast tacos? I mean stuff-your-face, all-you-can-eat breakfast tacos. This is not a drill. Your dream is coming true.

13 Signs You're The Monica Of Your Friends

Jillian Malone March 2016


Every group of friends has one: the Monica. She's your go-to advice giver, mom away from home, and the most competitive person you know. She always provides you with the best snacks, but you better not dare get a crumb on her freshly vacuumed carpet. Her OCD might drive you crazy sometimes, but you know that she means well. She'll always be there for you, 'cause you're there for her too. Here are 13 signs that you're the Monica of your college "friends."

How To Embody Taylor Swift In Your Everyday Life

Jillian Malone March 2016


Speak now. You know all too well that you want to be Taylor Swift, and you're not sorry about it one bit. Well, today you're the lucky one because all of your wildest dreams are about to come true. Follow these 15 steps and you can embody the star's famous style. The two of you will be twins, and Taylor will totally approve because two is better than one.

15 Hilary Duff Songs You Need To Listen To Today

Jillian Malone March 2016


It's time to "come clean." You know that you're still in love with Hilary Duff. Our beloved Lizzie McGuire will never be "so yesterday" because she will live in on in our hearts forever. It's time to "party up" by taking a trip down memory lane with the best of her hits

12 'Amanda Show'-Inspired Halloween Costumes For Every Personality

Jillian Malone October 2015


Every '90s kid would rush home from school to turn on the TV in time to sing along as their favorite show's theme song began, "AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA-AMANDA SHOW!" Back in the '90s, Amanda Bynes introduced us to a world of meatloaf crunch, popper pants, and lovable characters that we still quote in 2015. Even though the show ended 13 years ago, this Halloween (and every day, honestly) is a perfect opportunity to reminisce on how much Debbie liked eggs, and dress up as your favorite character played by Amanda, please.

A College Girl's Survival Guide As Told By 'Mean Girls'

Jillian Malone October 2015


It's your big day. I guess it's natural for parents to cry on their kid's first day of college, but you know, this usually happens when the kid is 5. You're 18 and until today, you were living at home with your parents and attending high school down the street. You know what they're thinking: "High school kids are freaks." But your high school's totally normal. That is except for the fact that it's not and you've spent the last four years in what seems like prison. You had a great life, but then your mom found the acceptance letter in the mail. So it was goodbye high school and hello college.


To make sure you're not a high-school jungle freak who's a less-hot version of anyone, here are the "fetchest" Mean Girls responses to college situations (since you know it's the most quotable movie of all time). Regina George-approved.


12 Realities of Sorority Work Week as Told by Jennifer Lawrence

Jillian Malone August 2015


It's the most wonderful time of the year for your campus' XL t-shirt and Nike-shorts-wearing girls. A lot goes on behind the doors that will eventually open to reveal a million screaming girls in matching outfits, officially marking the beginning of recruitment. Work week is a time of preparation, drama, sleepless nights and excitement. It takes genuine hard work to make sure potential new members have the best recruitment experience possible. Here is a list of the inevitable things that will happen to you during work week


13 Reasons Taylor Swift Would Be The Perfect Big

Jillian Malone August 2015


Taylor Swift is known for being America's sweetheart, and shows immense love and support for all of her fans. From philanthropic work, to gift giving, to selling out stadiums, Taylor sets the bar pretty high, proving she's a super human. Life as a new member of a sorority can be tricky sometimes, and every girl needs the perfect big. Who better than Taylor to guide one through the roller coaster that is college?